5th Uttar Pradesh Mango Festival

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About Mango Festival

Orchard Visit

Ever been to an orchard early in the morning? An unmissable experience and fresh morning breeze as the golden sunrise is held up by the tops of the trees. Click here

The Main Event

We take immense pleasure in informing you about the annual UP Mango Festival which is going to be held on two consecutive weekends 17th , 18th & 24th , 25th of June in Lucknow at Indira Gandhi Pratishthan

Buy the Mangoes

You can buy the mangoes here directly.

About The Festival

Summer time is here!! It’s the season for delicious juicy mangoes!! Whether young or old, everyone waits for the annual UP Mango Festival. Presenting the 5th UP Mango Festival- A mangolicious lunch on 18th June, Farmer's Market on Saturday 24th June and 25th june Sunday.

We at the UP mango festival are delighted to write to you about The Signature UP Mango Festival 6th edition supported by the UP Govt which on the calendar of UP Tourism.

The event will be spread over 3 days with orchard visits, Cultural events, Mango Mela and Dastarkhwan-e-aam (Food Festival), Farmers market and seminar at Lucknow in Janeshwar Mishra Park. Come delight your senses with fresh mangoes straight from the trees, at the farm that produces them! An experience you will not forget! For those who have had the pleasure of tasting mangoes when they were naturally ripened and enjoyed all the flavours and colours of the fruit, instead of the artificially ripened ones you get in the market nowa days, come and relive your memories, For others, immerse yourself in the delight of the flavours and taste of a fabulous selection of Lucknow mangoes you may not have tried like Gola, Khushboo Gola, Surkha, Lalbebaha (Wajid Ali Shah’s favourite), Ali Gauhar, Sindhuria, Tarifi, Tamancha and more. Take home boxes of the naturally ripened mangoes to delight your family and friends. As you taste the flavour and freshness of the fruit in the orchard it is grown in, delight in local folk music and dances. Tantalise your tastebuds with mango delicacies like mango Pakori, Biryani with Aam ki chatni, Aam ka Panna, Salsa rolls with a Mango twist, and a mango eating competition .

Who made it possible!

Without them, Mango Festival would have never seen the light of the day.

Jyotsna Kaur Habibullah

June 2017

Organises an annual Mango festival, farmers market and started festival at the family orchard since 2013

Madhvendra Deo Singh

June 2017

Madhvendra Deo Singh is a MBA(Agri-Business),Agripreneur, Director (Avadh Mango Growers Association), Youth Leader, Vision -To evolve as a Futuristic Result Oriented Agripreneur and Politician with the motive to uplift the nation and society.

Adhiraj Sinha

UP Mango Festival co-ordinator. People say, I am an extremely hardworking person, and one who believes in the strength of team work to achieve excellence. Work has always been my priority and to dream big and making it happen with my team has always been an agenda